Frequently asked questions

How do I know which size of log delivery I need?

It’s a good question! And it rather depends on how many fires your family has and how much storage space you can devote to the logs.

As a rough guide, hardwood nets will last one night on an average fireplace and take up very little storage space. The nets measure 600x400mm.

Hardwood Bulk Vented Barrow Bagswill last 10/12 nights on an average fireplace. They measure 1/3 cubic metre or around 8 x net/bags

And hardwood loose loads are a cost-effective solution for hardcore fire lovers. Each loose load will probably last around a month on an average fireplace. The load measures around 1 cubic metre and will be tipped (as discretely as possible) in your driveway.

If you’re not sure, give one of our friendly woodcutters a call and we’ll talk you through it and work out what works best for you.

Do I need to be in when you deliver?

Not at all. If you’re happy for us to leave discreetly in your driveway or porch then just let us know in the instructions at checkout. Due to the large size of hardwood loose loads we will need to leave those in your driveway, but will always aim to leave in a considerate position so as not to obstruct your entrance.

If there is something specific we need to know about your delivery then please let us know at checkout.

If you’ve just chopped those trees down then aren’t they going to smoke and struggle to be lit?

All of our hardwood logs are seasoned for a minimum of twelve months before they make it into the Firewood Man deliveries which gives the timber plenty of time to dry out and you to enjoy a heart-warming fire with your loved ones.

What wood goes into your hardwood deliveries?

We use a range of woods to ash, beech, maple and hawthorn to name just a few. We tend to vary what we deliver depending on the supply available, but generally your logs will be of one variety.

We also sell a range of specialist woods from our Firewood Man yard so if you’d like to try out something a little bit different then come and see us!