Log deliveries direct to your door, and a little bit moreā€¦

The Firewood Man delivers hardwood logs and kindling direct to your door in North Hampshire.

But we’re about more than just the firewood itself, we’re big believers in the fire being at the very heart of the home, which is why you’ll find plenty of fun ideas on our blog.

And over time you’ll find our online shop stocks plenty more things to make you feel warm and cosy – including housewarming presents, woollen blankets, cushions, luxurious hot chocolates and fire pits and accessories too.

The Firewood Man was the brainchild of Andy Nicholls, a tree surgeon and garden landscaper operating in the Hook/Hampshire area. Andy found that as a by-product of his tree surgery work he was left with a lot of very good timber that could be recycled, quite literally, into firewood.

All of our firewood is locally sourced, seasoned and never, ever air freighted.